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Latest Papers

Representing Uncertainties in the Sensor Web (2012) (335 KB, PDF)by Christoph Stasch, Richard Jones , Dan Cornford, Martin Kiesow, Matthew Williams, and Edzer Pebesma. Published in Proceedings of 2nd Workshop "Sensing a Changing World"; May 9-11, 2012, Wageningen, Netherlands, Volume 0, Issue 0.
Uncertainty propagation between web services – a case study using the eHabitat WPS to identify unique ecosystems (2012) (360 KB, PDF)by Schulz, M., J. Skøien, L. Gerharz, G. Dubois, E. Pebesma . Published in 6th International Congress on Environmental Modelling and Software - iEMSs; July 1-5, 2012, Leipzig, Germany, Volume 0, Issue 0.
Using Emulators to Approximate Predicted Performance Indicators in Complex Micro-Simulation and Multi-Agent Models of Travel Demand1 (0) (161 KB, PDF)by Soora Rasouli, Harry Timmermans. Published in Innovation in travel modeling, Volume 0, Issue 0.
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Latest Posters

Realising the Uncertainty Enabled Model Web, part 2 (922 KB, PDF)by Dan Cornford. Presented 03/12/2012 at AGU Fall Conference, San Francisco.
A web service for service composition to aid geospatial modelers (1 MB, JPG)by Lorenzo Bigagli. Presented 26/04/2012 at European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2012 (EGU 2012), Vienna, Austria.
Level of Detail of Observations in Space and Time (282 KB, PDF)by Cristoph Stasch. Presented 13/09/2011 at Conference on Spatial Information Theory: COSIT´11, Belfast, Maine, USA.
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Latest Presentations

Ensemble based probabilistic forecasting of air quality in Oslo and Rotterdam (447 KB, PDF)by Christiane Doering-Saad. Presented 12/12/2012 at 4th International Workshop on Air Quality Forecasting Research, World Meteorological Organization, Geneva, Switzerland..
UncertWeb Workflows - Composition as a Service (3 MB, PDF)by Lorenzo Bigagli. Presented 09/06/2011 at Web-based Modelling and Workflows Workshop, Birmingham, UK.
NetCDF Uncertainty Conventions (1 MB, PDF)by Lorenzo Bigagli. Presented 22/09/2011 at 78th OGC Technical Committee Meeting, Boulder (CO), USA.
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D1.1. UncertML requirements (268 KB, PDF)
D5.2. An UncertWeb service for land-use change modelling (2 MB, PDF)
D5.3. Validation of UncertWeb: land-use and agricultural policy (2 MB, PDF)
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