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D1.1. UncertML requirements (268 KB, PDF)
D1.2. UncertML best practice proposal (841 KB, PDF)
D1.3. UncertML API (139 KB, PDF)
D2.1. User analysis (860 KB, PDF)
D2.2. Service frameworks for modelling resources (1 MB, PDF)
D3.1. Expert elicitation of input and model uncertainties (2 MB, PDF)
D3.2. Spatio-temporal aggregation of uncertainties (3 MB, PDF)
D3.3. Tools for communicating and visualising uncertainties (3 MB, PDF)
D4.1. Requirements for service chains in the biodiversity application domain (1 MB, PDF)
D4.2. UncertWeb tool for the validation of land cover changes (3 MB, PDF)
D5.1. Requirements for service chains in the land-use application domain (1 MB, PDF)
D6.1. Requirements for service chains in the air quality forecasting application domain (1 MB, PDF)
D6.2. Prototype UncertWeb air quality forecasting components (3 MB, DOC)
D7.1. Requirements for service chains in activity modelling (448 KB, PDF)
D7.2. Prototype UncertWeb activity model chain (957 KB, PDF)
D8.1. Report on integration requirements in UncertWeb (552 KB, PDF)
D8.2. Report, software and simple and publicly accessible UncertWeb examples (2 MB, PDF)
D9.1. UncertWeb Web site, mailing list, forums and wiki (971 KB, PDF)
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