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Harry Timmermans

Harry Timmermans (1952) holds a PH D degree in Geography/Urban and Regional Planning. He studied at the Catholic University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands. His dissertation concerned a theory of the functional and spatial structure and the dynamics of central place systems. Since 1976 he is affiliated with the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning of the Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands. First as an assistant professor of Quantitative and Urban Geography, later as an associate professor of Urban Planning Research. In 1986 he was appointed chaired professor of Urban Planning at the same institute. In 1992 he founded the European Institute of Retailing and Services Studies (EIRASS) in Eindhoven, the Netherlands (a sister institute of the Canadian Institute of Retailing and Services Studies). His main research interests concern the study of human judgement and choice processes, mathematical modelling of urban systems and spatial interaction and choice pattens and the development of decision support and expert systems for application in urban planning. He has published several books and many articles in journals in the fields of Marketing, Urban Planning, Architecture and Urban Design, Geography, Environmental Phychology, Transporation Research, Urban and Regional Economics, Urban Sociology, Leisure Sciences and Computer Science.

Tao Feng

Tao Feng is a postdoctoral researcher in Eindhoven University of Technology. The majority of his research area are transportation planning and policy decision making which specifically address issues relating to traffic pollution simulation, sustainable transportation and mobility management. He has been working on the establishment for an integrated policy decision making tool towards an environment sustainable mobility control. He is recently working on the environmental modeling based on integrated activity-based model, which emphasize more dynamics among people daily activities and the exposure of traffic pollution in a high time-space resolution. Regarding the UncertWeb project, he will work on the chain between ALBATROSS and traffic emission model.


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