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Food and Environment Research Agency

The researchers at Defra’s Food and Environment Research Agency (FERA) work across two research groups: risk analysis, and agri-environment and land use strategy. They are led by John Paul Gosling and include Nigel Boatman, Jill Johnson and Weiqi Luo. The team at FERA are coordinating and providing the expertise for one of the projects use-cases, WP5: land-use response to climatic and economic change. Also, the team’s statisticians are providing expert advice on some of the tools being developed in WP3.

John Paul Gosling

Dr John Paul Gosling is responsible for WP5 in UncertWeb. He is a subjectivist statistician by training and has recently become involved in Defra-funded projects that focus on changes to land-use and farming practices under climatic and economic change. He also has expertise in the elicitation of beliefs and in the use of emulation techniques. As part of WP3, he will advise on the development of tools for formal expert elicitation to be used within UncertWeb.

Jill Johnson

Jill Johnson is a research statistician at the Food and Environment Research Agency (FERA). She has a background in extreme value theory and the spatial modelling of environmental processes through her PhD work at Newcastle University. At FERA, Jill has gained expertise in emulation techniques and will contribute to the use of emulation within the case study of WP5. She will also play a large role in identifying and collating the different models and data sets to be used within the WP5 land use model chain.


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