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NetCDF Uncertainty Conventions presented to OGC

posted by Lorenzo Bigagli on 22/12/2011

On November 30 2011, the UncertWeb netCDF Uncertainty Conventions (netCDF-U) were presented to the Earth System Science Domain Working Group at the OGC Technical Committee Meeting in Bruxelles (see the Publications section for the presentation).

NetCDF-U is based on a generic mechanism for annotating netCDF variables according to the UncertML conceptual model.
NetCDF-U is convention-neutral, in particular it integrates with the netCDF Climate and Forecast Conventions.

The conventions are being improved and consolidated within the relevant OGC Working Groups and the CF-metadata community.


UncertWeb meets with its Advisory Panel

posted by Dan Cornford on 04/10/2011

UncertWeb met with six members of its Advisory Panel on the 26th of September 2011 at partners CNR, in Prato, Italy. A full day of presentations was given (which can be found in the publications section of this web site) describing the progress within the project. Overall the advisory panel gave some very useful feedback to the project, giving a strong emphasis on the importance of issues such as usability and longer term maintenance of project outputs.


jStat: a JavaScript statistics library

posted by Matthew Williams on 01/03/2011

As part of the UncertWeb project, jStat has been developed which is a JavaScript statistics library to help users work with distributions in a Web framework. Currently there are 5 supported distributions: normal, log-normal, beta, gamma and student-t, however, it is being continuously updated with new distributions.

To find out more about this JavaScript statistical library head over to the official website.


Uncertainty session at EGU a big success

posted by Dan Cornford on 02/02/2011

UncertWeb is organising a session on Uncertainty in Environmental Data and Models at EGU 2011 to promote a dialogue between a range of disciplines including statistics, maths, philosophy, computer science and informatics, and applied environmental science (atmosphere, ocean, hydrology, geophysics, etc). In total over 30 abstracts were submitted to the session, more than double to number in other informatics sessions. EGU 2011 will be held in Vienna 3-8 April 2011.


UncertWeb at the 2010 AGU Fall meeting

posted by Paolo Mazzetti on 05/01/2011

UncertWeb was presented at the last AGU (American Geophysics Union) Fall meeting, San Francisco (CA) - Dec 2010.

Please, visit the abstract

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