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WP5 FERA workflow prototype

The WP5 FERA workflow prototype was created to demonstrate the deployment of two of the major models in the workflow of WP5, which looks at the impact of climate and soils on crop growth, in UncertWeb. The tool is not designed to have a sophisticated user interface, but as a mechanism to visualise the service based execution of the models in WP5. There is some limited visualisation of the output of th chain.


Austal2000 is an air pollution dispersion model developed for impact assessment for new facilities and emission sources. It is based on the Lagrangian dispersion model approach and is available as open source software. Within UncertWeb an OGC WPS implementation was developed to expose the execution of the Austal model to the web with the fixed study area of M√ľnster in the years 2008 and 2009. This implementation will be extended to an uWPS taking uncertain meteorology and traffic inputs and performing a Monte Carlo simulation of the Austal WPS to provide uncertain model results encoded in UncertML.

Pressure correction prototype workflow

The pressure correction prototype illustrates a simple uncertainty-enabled workflow that corrects a station pressure measurement to sea level pressure. The main aim is to illustrate the uncertainty enabled service workflow we have created in UncertWeb, which was created to prototype different mechanisms for orchestrating services in a workflow.

Workflow Modeller

The web based Workflow Modeller has been developed during a research project for the Sejong University in Seoul, South Korea. The outcome was a lightweight browser application that allows you to chain different OGC web services like WMS, WFS and WPS. Data can be visualized on a map component. The layers of the map can be used as input for WPS. Inputs can also be added manually by typing in values or URLs. The modelling of the workflows is done graphically by connecting workflow elements with the mouse. The execution (i.e. orchestration) of the workflow is done by the WPS Orchestration API.

Currently functionality is implemented to create a BPEL (Business Process Execution Language) process out of the workflow that can be uploaded to an Orchestration Engine (e.g. Apache ODE) via a transactional WPS. A test instance of the Workflow Modeller is available. You can find the code in the SVN repository.

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