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The Elicitator

The elicitation tool being developed within UncertWeb can be seen in prototype version. This is under active development and is not yet suitable for real use, due to frequent updates and resetting of the associated databases. Code for this will be made available as open source by August 2011. The prototype system can be seen at The Elicitator homepage.

Uncertainty Transformation Service (UTS)

The Uncertainty Transformation Service (UTS) is a web service which can be used to convert uncertainties encoded as UncertML 2.0 from one representation to another. Hence, it can be used as an uncertainty broker between different web services dealing with uncertain information. The UTS is also defined as a profile of the WPS. Currently, the profile only contains one process for converting a Gaussian distribution to realizations. In the near future, several conversion processes will be added according to the requirements in UncertWeb.

A prototype UTS has been implemented based upon the 52┬░North WPS framework. The implementation is available as Open Source under GPL 3.0 in the SVN repository.

Spatio-Temporal Aggregation Service

The Spatio-temporal Aggregation Service (STAS) is a prototype developed within UncertWeb for a web-based spatiotemporal aggregation of observations encoded as O&M.; The STAS is defined as a profile of the OGC Web Processing Service (WPS) offering one generic aggregation process which provides basic spatiotemporal aggregation methods known from the database community like MIN, MAX, AVG. The order of temporal and spatial aggregation can be defined by the clients. Datasets are passed by reference to the STAS and the STAS publishes the aggregated observations to data services as well. Currently, the STAS does not consider uncertainty in the data and only supports O&M; 1.0. Once the SOS is available as 2.0, we will also implement support for O&M; 2.0 and our UncertWeb profiles. Then, the aggregation methods will also account for uncertainties in the data.

A prototypical implementation of the STAS has been deployed, based upon the 52┬░North WPS framework.

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